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America Goes Vegan: America's Favorite Comfort Foods Made Healthy By Glenn Merzer and Tracy Childs

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Glenne Merzer
America Goes Vegan: America's Favorite Comfort Foods Made Healthy
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Jane Velez-Mitchell, NY Times bestselling author, UnchainedTV founder: America Goes Vegan is a blueprint for saving yourself and the planet with one easy shift. This fast-paced read feels like a fantastic adventure, filled with delicious, energizing recipes. This book gives me hope for our world.

Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC, President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: This brilliant book presents the startling facts about the foods we eat, how they affect our health, and what they are doing to our planet, and it then shows us what to do to change things in the most delicious possible way.

Liz Gray, Vegan Culinary Memoirs ePublishing: Burgers, shakes, and fries...even chocolate truffles! Imagine a diet where you don't have to count calories but you can have it all again, with a healthy twist! Cholesterol free, oil-free, sugar-free, no processed's the diet that helps to reverse disease, reduce the risk of disease, it's a solution to obesity, and it's great for the planet and animals. This book made my 4th of July holiday full of hope and joy. I look forward to seeing and celebrating it's impact in the years to come. For so many good reasons. It's the fast track to helping make the world a better place. You can go vegan overnight. I did it, it's easy! You'll find the support and what you need to help you transform your life and make it happen here with this book, America Goes Vegan.

Janet Stranger: America Goes Vegan is two books in one. Glen Merzer, passionately and yet with humor, provides the fact-based narrative of how vegan choices are essential to your own health and to the continuation of life as we know it on our planet. He pulls no punches. Here's an example quote: "We must not delude ourselves into believing that we can escape the climate crisis by any means that does not involve a transformational change in civilization." Ceasing all animal agriculture is foundational to that transformation. Tracy Childs shows you how to put change into action with a wide variety of delicious, healthy recipes. She shows how to make an endless variety of burgers using her burger template. And then there are her recipes for breakfast, sauces, sides, soups, main dishes, desserts, and much more. All made with no added oils or refined sweeteners. This book is an excellent investment in your own health and the future of our planet.

Patty / Amazon customer: Every one in America should read America Goes Vegan! The first part of this book provides solid reasons (backed with references) why animal products are bad for Americans. From how eating meat promotes cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes to how the meat industry negatively impacts our environment, Mr Merzer’s arguments for a meat-free America are convincing and frightening. The second part of this book, has a calming effect in that it provides solutions. Solutions in the form of tasty and easy to make recipes. Ms. Child’s recipes for delicious comfort foods like Cheezy Garlic Bread and Presto Pesto Potatoes were so yummy, my hubby went back for seconds. I highly recommend this book!

Steven / Amazon customer: This excellent book is an enjoyable, entertaining read. It presents vital information for us all and is chock full of recipes by our nation's foremost food wizard, Tracy Childs. Her recipes are healthy, delicious, and practical for you to make for yourself and your loved ones. Even if you're not a "foodie," this book hits the spot! We're so fortunate she shares her gift. Spread the word, America Goes Vegan! is a delight, worthy for you to savor and share.

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Glen Merzer grew up in Bellmore, N.Y., and was educated at New College of Florida, Indiana University, and Boston University. He wrote Food Is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, and the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change. He is the author of OWN YOUR HEALTH, to which Chef AJ added more than 75 healthy vegan recipes, and he is the co-author of THE SECRETS TO ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS and UNPROCESSED by Chef AJ. He is also the co-author of MAD COWBOY and NO MORE BULL! by Howard Lyman. And he is the co-author of FOOD OVER MEDICINE with Pam Popper, BETTER THAN VEGAN with Del Sroufe, and THE PLANT ADVANTAGE with Benji Kurtz. All these works advocate the low-fat, plant-based diet. OFF THE RESERVATION, his first novel, was selected as one of the "Best Books of 2015--Indie" by Kirkus Reviews and one of "Our Favorite Books of 2015" by Progressive Magazine. Glen is also a playwright and screenwriter, with three of his plays published by Samuel French.

Tracy Childs is a super passionate healthy food advocate who fully embraced a plant-based lifestyle after first becoming vegetarian as a teen, then fully plant-based as a young adult. She’s dedicated to spreading the message of how plants & lifestyle choices can heal the planet, protect animals and help us avoid needless suffering from lifestyle-related diseases. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Tracy started San Diego based Tracy’s Real Foods with her husband, a uniquely whole-foods, plant-based food company that serves San Diego and ships healthy Goodies nationwide. Serving the community is important to her so in 2015 she founded PlantDiego, a San Diego-based nonprofit “PlantPure Pod” to educate and support people in adopting and living a healthy, whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Tracy has also contributed recipes to Food Is Climate: A Response to Al Gore, Bill Gates, Paul Hawken, and the Conventional Narrative on Climate Change by Glen Merzer and “Handbook to Higher Health Consciousness” by David Kater.

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