A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

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A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Jenny - 10 Sep 2008

Shame, shame, shame on you Father McAndrew for your lack of compassion for God's gentle creatures in "Support for farmers under attack"!

Organizations such as PETA and Animals Australia are, unfortunately, forced to do what you, and other Catholic clergy, are supposed to be doing...encouraging love, compassion and mercy for all beings.

Why should the anniversary of the introduction of the merino be cause to celebrate?

This mindless act is something for which we should feel deeply ashamed, for it has caused unimaginable and needless suffering for the introduced European animals, not designed to live in these arid conditions.

Fly strike is one of the afflictions caused by introducing sheep to this hot country, and mulesing sheep � without anesthetic � is the cruel way that farmers have addressed this man-made problem. The live export trade, introduced late, has caused even greater suffering to these gentle animals.

Father McAndrew, you should be outraged by the torture inflicted on God's gentle lambs, rather than endorsing and promoting this heinous trade. I have personally seen footage of a sheep having his throat cut, then his feet sliced off, then his belly slit open � all whilst fully conscious and struggling.

Exported sheep may be crushed into stifling car boots in 40 degree heat and tied to roof racks. I've seen footage of cattle having their eyes and abdomens stabbed with knives and their leg tendons slashed.

Every exported animal, without exception, is subjected to agonizing and terrifying ritual slaughter that would be considered illegal in this country.

Is this the way the 'Prince of Peace' would want his dear animals treated, Father McAndrew?

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