A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

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A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by Suzanne - 10 Sep 2008

It is not difficult to understand why the Catholic Church is losing parishioners in droves when a priest actively promotes lies and animal cruelty, condemning animal protection groups in the process.

Mulesing is the lazy farmer's way out of caring properly for his/her sheep. It has taken PETA to expose this monstrously cruel procedure to the whole world. Even your picture says it all.

The churches as a whole are remarkably reticent on cruelty to God's creatures, in intensive farming, slaughterhouses, experimentation, "culling" and worst of all, the live export trade. It is indeed sad that the churches apparently can find no compassion in their collective souls for the millions of animals who suffer so terribly for human greed.

Shame on Father McAndrew. It will be a long time before I come back to a Catholic church.


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