A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?

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A Priest of God or a Priest of Satan?
Comments by M. M. - 19 May 2010

As a Catholic Christian, I am appalled at the lack of compassion by Father Mick regarding the practice of mulesling on these wonderful animals.

I am a 32 year member of our parish, Saint Francis, and every year we have a special day devoted to the blessing of the animals in keeping with the tradition of Saint Francis. Everyone brings their animals to be blessed. The prayer of Saint Francis says. "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me." That also means peace toward the animals God entrusted us to watch over.

I am appalled by any act of cruelty or violence toward any animal.

This priest should be ashamed of himself for promoting such a barbaric practice such as this.

In the garden of Eden, man lived on fruits, herbs, and seeds for his diet. It was only after man sinned that he became a meat eater. That speaks volumes right there.

Sometimes I am ashamed to part of the human race.