Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?


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Christian Bowhunters of America - Is it really Christian?
By Garry Barkman 7 Sept 1998

It seems to me that replying to this Flint Journal article with another point of view - with biblical knowledge - maybe in the form of a question might bring about some second thoughts. Or at least make them think, maybe, about what they are doing should be brought into question.

For instance: With his reasoning, all divorced people should not only gather and celebrate their divorces, but continue divorcing, for it is allowed. I am not as read as most of you, or have such a good grip on the theology of all this, but what they are saying doesn't make sense. That is why I look for your responses, too.

I always feel out of place or uncomfortable at our church picnics, because of all the hot-dogs and other flesh they eat. Yet I fell I not able to question or debate any of them for they are much more read than I.