God and Suffering

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God and Suffering
Comments by Ray - 12 Jan 2009

"The concept of earthly suffering as "punishment" for wrongdoing that is directed by God is impossible for me to accept,"

Consider what a virus is: A virus is not alive, it is a strand of DNA wrapped in protein with specific instructions to invade the cells of the host body and harm it. DNA is the binary code of life. Only God has the knowledge to create the binary code of life and only God knows how to write a virus to harm the genetic code of another being.

When Africans had sex with monkeys, the AIDs virus was unleashed on all of Mankind. This was something that was written into the code of both monkeys and Man, and was not an accident. It was a violation of one of God's laws.

Yes, it seems very unfair that children are born with AIDs and suffer. Perhaps Man is not as individual has we perceive him to be, But Man might be one eternal entity manifesting itself in many beings on this plane of existence. So that what Man does here, he does to all of Mankind.


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