The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living

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The Bible and Vegetarian/Vegan Living
Comments by Alfonso - 25 Jan 2006


My name is Alfonso, and I have question that for many years have been with no answer. I saw part of your website when I was looking for information about the event that is coming soon to Charlotte, NC., "The dead sea scrolls". Many years ago I found a book that talks about the teachings of Jesus about how to stay healthy. He explains in detail how our body works, what to eat (fruit and vegetables), how to eat, how breath, how to clean our body (intestines), etc. I know that all that is true, because I have practicing all this for many years.

I want to know more about this scripture, since I would like to share with other people this knowledge, that only a few people know. I would like to know which book is the one that talks about these teachings, and if there is more information available now. I believe you have an answer. Help me, so I can help others.

Thank you.

Peace be with you.

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