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Another Ohio Cockfight Happened This Weekend, March 23-24, 2024

From SHARK Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
March 2024

Another cockfight took place today, this time in Coshocton Ohio, and our team was on the scene. We had concrete evidence of the illegal activity and notified the Coshocton County Sheriff's Department. Despite this, the cockfighters were able to leave the premises before any action could have been taken.

Coshocton County

When we inquired about the lack of intervention, the Coshocton County Sheriff's Department suggested that the cockfighters may have scanners. The decision to broadcast their response over the air, knowing the criminals may be using scanners, ultimately enabled the cockfighters to escape any justice.

Whether the cockfighters received a tip-off from someone in law enforcement or simply listened in on their scanners, the Coshocton County Sheriff's Departments actions allowed them to evade the charges they rightfully deserved. This failure to take effective action is deeply concerning and undermines the efforts to combat such illegal activities.

The unfortunate reality is that we see this all over the country. We call the Sheriffs, like we are supposed to and then the cockfighters disappear. We only communicate with law enforcement regarding the criminal actions so regardless of how the cockfighters get a heads up, whether it is incompetence or corruption, the police are at failing at their jobs.

We are not law enforcement, but we are doing their jobs by gathering the important evidence that should create a simple open-and-shut case for those that are the law enforcement.

We thank all of you that send the emails, make the phone calls, and/or donate financially. We travel all over the county exposing these criminals and travel like this is time consuming and expensive.

Any and all donations are invaluable, because they go directly into shutting down these blood-thirsty cowards and exposing criminality and corruption across the country.

Those of you that donate your time by making the calls and sending the emails are incredibly appreciated because you make our team so strong and so large! 

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