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SEXISM IS A SIN, by Rev. Janet Regina Hyland.

THE FORGOTTEN BEGINNINGS OF CREATION AND CHRISTIANITY, by Carl Anders Skriver. The author was an Evangelical Lutheran Priest, an ethical vegetarian, and a German citizen who resisted Nazi rule and was arrested in 1943. He survived imprisonment to continue his lifelong commitment to the inner reform of Christianity. A recognized scholar, he emphasized the teachings of nonviolence proclaimed by Jesus Christ and the Latter Prophets, and drew a parallel between the killing of animal beings and the killing of human beings. Available from the VEGETARIAN PRESS, P.O. Box 61273, Denver, CO 80206. Paperback, 175 pages. $14.45 postpaid.

THEY SHALL NOT HURT OR DESTROY, by Vasu Murti. This is THE comprehensive reference work that documents the writings of mainstream religious and spiritual leaders who, from antiquity, have taught that compassion and kindness must mark our relationship with nonhuman as well as human beings. The author also reviews the observations of secular spokespersons, past and present, who through the centuries have championed the cause of compassion for animals, and for their rights as fellow beings. Available from VASU MURTI, 30 Villanova Lane, Oakland, CA 94611. P-Comb Binding, 200 pages. $20.00 postpaid.

THE SLAUGHTER OF TERRIFIED BEASTS: A Biblical Basis for the Humane Treatment of Animals, by J.R. Hyland ( Editor, Humane Religion). Reviewed by PETA: "Page after page is filled with scriptural support of humane animal treatment. Highly recommended for everyone, regardless of religious belief, who is tired of people misusing the Bible to condone cruelty to animals." Available from PETA, 1-800-483-4366 or from Viatoris Ministries. Paperback, 86 pages. $8.50

PET SOULS: Evidence That Animals Survive Death, by Scott S. Smith. Written by a researcher who compiled cases histories over a period of two years, from those who encountered animals while they were in an enhanced state of consciousness. Some were near-death experiences (NDE) and some fall into the category of ghostly encounters. "But for all those who are grieving, PET SOULS is a salve for the wounded spirit."--Rev. Dr. Marc Wessels. Order from Light Source Research, 2455 Calle Roble, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Paperback, 116 pages. $16.95 postpaid.


JEWS FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS/MICAH PUBLICATIONS. 255 Humphrey St., Marblehead, MA 01945. Among other books, MICAH is the publisher of JUDAISM AND VEGETARIANISM by Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D. Write for catalog.

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