Tami HayPoetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT from All-Creatures.org


Love is born outside the cages and walls
holding tormented beings,
The site of our true 'original sin'.

Love is born
In the living, breathing waters that carry nutrients to the sea;
It dies in plastic oceans of suffocation

Love is born in the trees
That reach up their arms for sunlight and push their roots down into aquifers; It dies in clearcut spaces and poisoned springs.

Love is spread, when we die,
Through sunflowers and fields of wild poppies and all things growing for growth alone;
Love is isolated, when we die,
In a monocultural landscape planted for profit.
Our bodies are foreign there, unwanted.

So let us recreate the conditions for love to be born,
to thrive, and to spread.
Let the waters flow, the trees reach, the fields proliferate.

And let us never forget again that

baby in cocoon

Tami Hay 2023


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