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Elephant Mommy

In a distant land where humans roam,
A baby elephant was born in captivity's dome.
Taken from me, my little one,
To be used for human entertainment, fun.

My heart aches with longing and sorrow,
As I think of my baby's uncertain tomorrow.
I remember the moments we shared,
Her playful trunk, her curious stare.

I call out to her in the silence of the night,
Hoping that somehow she'll hear my plight.
My maternal instincts scream out loud,
But my cries go unheard in the crowd.

I pray that one day she'll be free,
And live a life as nature intended it to be.
Until then, I'll wait and hope and dream,
That one day we'll be reunited as a team.

My baby, my love, my heart's true desire,
Your mother's love will never expire.

Elephant mother calf

Tim Gorski 2023


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