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Guardian Angel

My angel from the wild,
I will always miss you.
My sweet and precious child,
we lived together, and grew.
You are the best thing,
thatís happened in my life,
you taught me to savor everything,
and leave behind my strife.
I hold you in my heart still,
though your body may be gone;
with your spirit my heart does fill,
reminding me to be strong.
You will never be replaced,
we grew close in so many ways;
I am grateful that you graced,
every one of my very best days.
It will be hard to move forward,
and in truth I may never recover,
but I know you would urge me toward
a bold new path for me to discover.
I will hold close everything you taught,
about true love, and peace,
about the inspiration that can be caught,
while watching clouds that never cease.
I will never forget the trust,
that you always placed in me,
or how my smile was a must,
when you wiggled your nose at me.
To some you were just a bunny,
but to me you were so much more,
you were charming and funny,
you showed me love Iíd not known before.
My companion, my pal, my friend,
you and I found a way to have fun.
Weíll have that chance, again,
when our separation is finally undone.
Your eyes were filled with love,
your beautiful self-shone through;
you eased each cloud above,
and reminded me of what was true.
When I felt lost or alone,
you would always share with me
the sweetest love Iíve ever known;
it pulled me from my misery.
If I did wrong, now and then,
you guided me in a loving direction,
and reminded me, again and again,
of your steadfast, undying affection.
In your eyes I could not do wrong;
you taught me to see beauty,
to know that I will always be strong,
and that in my heart I am free.
You always remind me to stop,
and to smell the beautiful flowers,
and with your eager bounce and hop,
you wielded your healing powers.
I ask Jesus to take you into his fold,
so that you will be at peace,
until you I once more might hold,
and feel some relief from this grief.
I pray you no longer know pain,
and that you will always be happy,
my loss is heavenís truest gain,
until once more itís just you and me.
Then Neo, we will be together,
not just for a season or a time,
then it will truly be forever,
with endless paths and hills to climb.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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