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Jake the Snake

Once there was a python named Jake,
Who lived in a tank for people's sake,
He was brought home as a tiny snake,
And kept as a pet, oh for goodness sake!

He grew big and strong, and needed space,
But all he had was a tank in a tiny place,
One day he slipped out, it was his chance,
And slithered away from the human's dance.

Jake found himself in the city streets,
Amidst the cars and the bustling beats,
He saw the world beyond his cage,
And wondered why he was kept in that stage.

But Animal Control was on his tail,
They chased him hard, to no avail,
Jake was scared in this new wide open space,
He missed the safety of his indoor place.

The chase went on, but Jake was fast,
He managed to escape Animal Control's grasp,
But he was lost, he didn't know where to go,
The streets were his new home, that was the status quo.

The moral of this story, dear friends,
Is that animals should not be kept in tanks or pens,
They belong in the wild and free,
So never buy them as pets, just let them be. 

Jake Snake

Tim Gorski 2023


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