Mango WodzakNature
An Animal Rights Poem By Mango Wodzak from

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

By Mango Wodzak

That man eats meat, is part of nature,
no one should deny,
a bear eats fish and cats eat mice,
Need one to ask why?

That man seeks shelter, from the sun,
and from the wind that blows,
no one really looks confused,
that's just the way things goes.

He clears a glade, amidst the trees,
and cultivates the land.
He has to eat if he'll survive,
everyone can understand.

He builds a house, upon a hill,
which soon becomes a town,
we're a social lot we human race,
and no one gives a frown.

Mankind, we use our little minds,
which nature us did grant,
and with it we design and scheme,
a nuclear power plant.

It is through nature, that we learn,
and build and probe you see,
how else would it have come about,
this elec-trici-ty?

Sewage? That's a dirty lot,
let's dump it in the sea.
What else are we to do with it?
It's just a tiny fee.

We make mistakes, but who's to blame,
It happens all the time,
Which makes it very difficult,
to judge just what's a crime.

Humans we are but far from perfect,
I think we must agree,
that nature it has brought about,
a natural catastrophe.

The moral of this story is,
"it's nature's no excuse.
Think about just what you do,
and ask, "Is this abuse?" 

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