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Poopy Pants

A camper once slept, in the forest deep,
But was jolted awake, from his peaceful sleep.
For outside his tent, in the morning light,
A mountain lion, stood in his sight.

The camper had no catnip, nor a toy,
But he wasn't one, to back down or be coy.
He grabbed his walking stick, and mustered his shout,
"Get out of here, you big cat, without a doubt!"

The lion just yawned, and licked its paw,
As if to say, "I've seen it all before."
But the camper didn't waver, in his plan of attack,
He shouted and screamed, until the lion stepped back.

With a wave of his stick, and a fierce battle cry,
The camper chased off the lion, in the blink of an eye.
The lion slunk away, with a look of disdain,
As if to say, "I'll be back, when you're not so insane."

The camper grinned, with a sense of pride,
For he had stood his ground, and the lion had complied.
He packed up his gear, and continued on his way,
Feeling more alive, with each passing day.

So if you're ever woken, by a mountain lion's sniff,
Don't be afraid, to stand up and be stiff.
With a big stick in hand, and a fierce battle cry,
You too can scare off, the lions that come by

Is that poop down my thigh?

mountain face

Tim Gorski 2023


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