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In the deep blue sea where waves do roll,
A creature with a heart of gold,
A dolphin activist, Russ Rector by name,
With passion and courage, he led the game.

He fought for the dolphins with all his might,
And taught others to stand up and fight,
For those who can't speak, for those who can't be heard,
He gave them a voice, with every word.

With his guidance, I earned my activist wings,
And flew high above the ocean's rings,
With a spirit that soared and a heart that sings,
He gave me strength and many things.

He left this world, but his legacy remains,
A legacy of courage and love, that sustains,
His spirit lives on, in every heart that he touched,
With his passion and wisdom, we are forever clutched.

Russ Rector was a thorn in the side
Of the dolphinarium industry, and their pride,
Exposing the cruelty and inhumanity that they hide,
Leading the charge for justice, side by side.

Though we miss him madly, we'll always remember,
His humor and wit, that lit up like an ember,
He showed us the way, and we'll follow his lead,
To protect the dolphins, in their time of need.

Rest in peace, dear Russ,
Your legacy will never be lost,
We'll continue to fight, for the dolphins and the sea,
And your spirit will forever guide us, wild and free.

I love you, man. 

Russ Rector

Tim Gorski 2023


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