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There was a chameleon, so sad and blue,
Taken from the wild, and boxed up, too.
He sat all alone, no leaves or trees,
Just a glass box, and his memories.

He longed for the wild, where he once roamed,
But now he sat, in a tank, alone.
Waiting to be sold, for novelty,
Trapped in a box, without any company.

Along came a boy, who saw his plight,
He wanted to help, with all his might.
But he knew if he bought, he would support,
The exotic pet trade, and that was not his sport.

So the boy sat and pondered, what he could do,
To help the chameleon, and make him anew.
He searched for a way, to set him free,
So the chameleon could live, where he was meant to be.

Now the chameleon is better, where he belongs,
No longer trapped, and no longer wronged.
He's happy and free, in his natural land,
Thanks to the boy, who lent a helping hand.

The moral of the story, so true and clear,
Is to never buy, an exotic pet to hold dear.
For they belong, in their natural space,
Not in a box, or for humans to chase.

Exotic animals, are not for us to own,
Their homes are the wild, where they have grown.
So let's let them be, and appreciate,
Their beauty from afar, and let them dictate.

The exotic pet trade, is cruel and wrong,
It takes animals from where they belong.

Let's leave them be, in their natural space,
And show them love, in their proper place.
For the chameleon was sad, and so blue,
Until the boy helped, and set him anew.

So remember this tale, and spread it wide,
Let's keep these creatures, on their rightful side.
And if you see one, in a box, so bare,
Take a stand, and show you care.


I do not encourage people to buy any animals from pet shops even if you believe you can give them a better home. Your hearts are in the right place but the act of purchasing an animal only supports this horrifying trade.


Tim Gorski 2023


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