Poetry by Tammy C. Smith
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Poetry by Tammy C. Smith

I have this sudden urge to write;
I just canít stop it, though Iíve tried.

The thoughts are raging through my mind,
my head is full and now itís time

To spill the ink of blue and black,
rambling words on paper that

May anotherís heart receive,
who like me will, too, believe.

That all Godís creatures do deserve
to find respect and peace and earth;

Not to suffer and be made
to exist within a cage;

Or view man with fear and dread,
never hear a kind word said.

Not to watch their young ones go,
a Motherís love to never know.
To be used for flesh and bone,
shoes and belts we now have on,

To be born for only fur,
he's no value, only her.

Just to have their skin and meat,
those with feathers and with feet.

They who swim in oceans chased,
caught in nets and cans be placed.

Those abused and face neglect,
every day they do expect
To be treated so unkind,
never mercy will they find.
For these things my pen must work,
my heart breaks for all who hurt.

To me no matter man or beast,
from the greatest to the least,

How I hope my words will reach
open hearts and maybe teach

All Godís creatures belong to Who?
The same One who made me and you.
I have this sudden urge to write,
I just canít stop it, though Iíve tried.

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