Tami HayPoetry and Prose By Tami Hay, M.A., RMT from All-Creatures.org

VEGAN, The Word

Love is a five-letter word,
A word not to squander,
A word to ponder
But not to fear

Not some arcane or esoteric practice,
Vegan means simply to stop.
To let go of all the misery,
To open oneís eyes to see
And in freeing, to be freed

Love is a five-letter verb:
To speak out,
Write, witness and shout,
Give voice to the voiceless unknowns,
Un-stifle their moans.

Love is a five-letter word
That means all life matters
As much as our childrenís,
It means to open our ears,
And attend to the truth we are tempted to fear

Love is a five-letter verb,
The only one that can banish the pain
Of the colonizing, abusive control
That is taking its toll

Vegan is a five-letter life
Donít let the word stop up your ears and close your heart
Donít let it pull us apart.
We simply stand for the end of all suffering,
Including yours!

ĎVeganí simply means a humble life,
gleaning from the stripped fields what remains
of our humane longing,
Re-sensitizing our call
To be compassionate,
not just to some but to ALL.

© Tami Hay 2023


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