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25 Ways to Stop Cruelty to Our Fellow Animals

From EthicalGlobe
May 2024

The suffering experienced by our fellow animals has hit unprecedented levels.

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The suffering experienced by our fellow animals has hit unprecedented levels.

An estimated 1.6 trillion free-living animals are killed by humans every year, either through hunting, illegal trafficking, or habitat destruction. Around 78.7 billion land animals are killed for their flesh within the animal agriculture industry, while trillions of fish and shellfish are pillaged from the oceans to be eaten by humans.

Approximately 1.5 million animals are traded as exotic pets per year, and 1.2 million skins are illegally exported.

In the US alone, around 7.6 million of the animals kept as pets end up in shelters each year. Some figures suggest that nearly one million of them are euthanised; other sources suggest the figure is nearer 2.7 million. The Kitten Coalition states that 80% of these individuals are healthy or have treatable conditions, but there simply aren’t the resources to care for them.

In the UK, it’s believed that 21 healthy dogs are euthanised every day because the shelters are at capacity. Rabbits live and die in tiny hutches; there was a 37% increase in abandoned guinea pigs in 2023.

Around 200 horses die on racetracks in the UK every year. Animal Aid says that an unknown number are killed in training or because they do not make the ‘grade’ as a competitor. This is just one of several sports that harm our animal kin.

Other countries have similarly bleak statistics relating to animal cruelty.

The numbers above are so large that they’re almost beyond comprehension, every single one representing a life cut short due to human behaviour. 


How can we make a difference to prevent cruelty to our fellow animals?

The figures above barely scratch the surface of the suffering humans inflict on our animal kin around the world. It can be hard to know what we can do, both as individuals and collectively, to make a difference.

Below, we have listed 25 suggestions for actions we can take to advocate for our fellow animals and begin to turn the tide on cruelty, neglect, and exploitation.


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Posted on May 13, 2024
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