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Animal Rights/Vegan Activists' Strategies

'But what about...' The Truth about Common Anti-Vegan Misinformation

From ALV Animal Liberation Victoria
April 2024

Their body... your choice.

Responses and resources to counter anti-vegan propaganda.

Let’s face it – there’s a lot of misinformation about living vegan. Some of it is ignorance, some purposeful, spread by the animal industries to muddy the waters, and some people think veganism is a personal attack on their values.

We’ve made a collection of these myths and have done our best to give honest and rational responses, along with references so you can research the data yourself.


Please read the ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE, including responses and resources regarding:

  • My cousin told me being vegan kills way more animals than eating meat
  • The environment is the responsibility of the corporations who created the problems.
  • Plants feel pain, so it doesn’t matter what you eat.
  • But what about the food chain? Humans are supposed to eat animals.
  • But soy gives you man-boobs.
  • Vegans are weak, thin and unhealthy.
  • The food we eat barely affects climate, it’s better to focus on other factors.

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