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From The Farm to The Sanctuary

From Unparalleled Suffering
July 2023

Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns: "This post expresses in words and photographs the difference between Goodness and Beauty versus Evil and Ugliness, the difference between Hope and Despair."

rescued Cow and Calf
A cow who was rescued while pregnant by Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Scio, Oregon gets to keep and have a natural relationship with her offspring for the first time ever.

Animals go from numbers to names

Animals go from being livestock to being living beings

Animals go from being its to being individuals

Animals go from being subjected to premeditated cruelty and destruction to premeditated kindness and aid

Animals go from being subjected to theft of their body and their life to healing of their body and restoration of their life

Animals go from being raised for death to being raised for dignity

Animals go from living guaranteed short lives to living hopeful long lives

Animals go from knowing humans as terrorists to knowing humans as guardians

Animals go from regularly feeling scared to regularly feeling safe

Animals go from being used and disposed to being autonomous and defended

Animals go from separation and segregation to connection and unification

Animals go from filth and disease to cleanliness and thriving

Animals go from receiving disregard and hate to receiving consideration and love

Animals go from having their needs ignored and suppressed to having their needs respected and permitted

Animals go from dying in someone else's slaughterhouse to dying in their own sleep

Animals go from being chewed up and swallowed to being buried and remembered

Animals go from living a life that should have never began to a life that needed to begin

Animals go from protesting their life to cherishing their life


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chick slaughterhouse
A chicken no more than 5 weeks old being hoisted up by their wings and then killed for the annual Kaporos sin-transferring animal sacrifice ritual. This took place in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, NY and the bird ultimately died in an upside down street cone donated by the New York Police Department.

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