Passing the Food Fight Torch
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FROM Food Fight Grocery
Facebook posting, March 13, 2022

Food Fight

Saying this goodbye has been a long and rough time in the making, but we finally found some great folks to pass the Food Fight torch to.

Starting April 1, Beth and Adam will be the new Mom & Pop of Food Fight. You’ve seen Beth working at the store this year, so she’s no stranger to what’s up. Both of their passions for veganism and grocer-life tells us they’ll do great at being the next version of Food Fight.

As for us, Emiko and Chad, we say bye to you and Portland. 20 years in this town has had fun and challenging times. Now we move onto our pre-golden years, to take a big, much-needed sigh. (Beth will be taking over social media in a week or so, so if you need to say something to me or Chad, speak now or forever hold your peace.)

In our last few weeks of running this thing that’s been our life’s work, please come out and say bye to us and hi to Beth and Adam. Please show them a warm welcome.

Thank you, every single one of you, who has supported Food Fight and made it still be around since 2003, with hopefully many more years to go with new Mom & Pop.

Food Fight Grocery
Four people in KN95 masks inside a grocery store, in front of glass freezer doors displaying vegan products inside. From left to right: Emiko is standing showing a peace sign with their hand, Chad is kneeling on the floor, Adam is holding Chad's hand, standing, Beth is standing. Everyone is smiling under their masks.

Food Fight Grocery
Beth and Adam Sullivan, new owners of Food Fight, standing in front of the glass front doors to the store outside. Red, circular Food Fight logo is on the door behind them. They're standing and embracing each other, smiling.

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