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Conversations with a Friendly Vegan - Booklet

From Conversations with a Friendly Vegan
September 2023

A vegan advocate's take on the most frequent questions and comments about being vegan.

Conversations with a Friendly Vegan

Have you ever felt uncomfortable, awkward or misunderstood? Talking about veganism is hard but remaining silent feels even worse. If youíre vegan, youíve decided to push against the status quo and youíve likely faced some resistance. Iím Anne and Iím an expert in the art of Compassionate Conversations.

Conversations with a Friendly Vegan is a philosophy and a framework that integrates the compassion inherent in veganism into our communication with other people.

My mission is to shift the focus of vegan advocacy from conflict to connection by applying self-compassion, empathy and nonviolent communication. I want you to be able to confidently speak up in a way that non-vegans can hear. In this way, our compassionately expressed disagreements can actually bond rather than divide us.


Please download and share our CONVERSATIONS WITH A FRIENDLY VEGAN BOOKLET here.

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