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We're Preparing For Our First Hen Liberation [in Chinese and English]

From Sandra Kyle, End Animal Slaughter as originally posted on
July 2022

Mother and daughter activists, Tess and Mooie Ford, June 10, 2022

Next in our series of mother and daughter vegan activists we meet Tess and Mollie Ford.在我们关于母女纯素活动家的系列报道中,接下来我们采访了苔丝(Tess)和莫莉·福特(Mollie Ford)。

Tess, as a new vegan, you must have a clear idea of when and why you gave up meat and dairy. Can you tell us about that?苔丝,作为一名纯素新人,你肯定清楚知道什么时候和为什么你放弃肉类和奶制品。你能不能跟我们说说?

About three years ago my husband James and I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Game Changers”. It was a very convincing documentary mostly coming from a health point of view, and was the first time I discovered that not only was meat not necessary in my diet, but that it could even be causing me harm. More importantly, we have 3 growing girls. We are responsible for what is going into their perfect little bodies. Needless to say, we were convinced. We straight away decided to cut meat out of our diets – literally overnight – and cut down on dairy also. At this point our decision was largely based on health and less on ethical reasoning. However… I was eager to learn more.大约三年前,我的丈夫詹姆斯(James)和我在网飞(Netflix)上观看了一部名为“Game Changers”(《素食者联盟》)的纪录片。主要从健康角度出发,这是一部非常有说服力的纪录片。当时我也是第一次发现,我的饮食不但不需要肉类,反而肉食还会对我造成伤害。更重要的是,我们有3个正在成长的女儿。至于什么食物适合她们完美的幼小身子,这个我们是需要把好关的。不用说,(看完纪录片后)我们信服了。我们立马决定把肉类从我们的饮食中去掉──真的是一夜之间的事──同时还削减了奶制品的食用量。这个时候我们的决定主要依据健康理由,却没怎么进行伦理推理(ethical reasoning)。然而……我渴望了解更多。


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