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Help Animals India Fall 2023 Updates - Earthquake in Nepal and lots more news

From Help Animals India
November 2023

The world's troubles may seem endless, but compassion never takes a holiday.

Help Animals India

Dear Friend of India and Nepalís animals!

We hope you are doing well. We are ever grateful for your ongoing interest and support. The animal world's troubles may seem endless, but compassion never takes a holiday.

Since the mid-east war began donations are way down BUT we are pleased that no one has cancelled their recurring donations! We are so thankful for this.

We are busy planning our year end grants and aim to help as many groups as we can. We'd like to update you on a few of our projects.

Last week a 6.4 earthquake hit Western Nepal killed at least 157 people, injured scores and left thousands homeless when it struck just before midnight, unleashing landslides and collapsing homes in an area of steep slopes centered around the district of Jajarkot.

Jajarkot is a deprived area with no modes of proper transportation. It is 624 km away from Kathmandu and is a hilly place. As the earthquake occurred during night time, people usually tie up their animals which is the reason many animals could not run for their life and were buried under the rubble. More than 800 animals have lost their lives and thousands are injured. The Government and many NGOs are helping the people over there but no one is thinking about the lives of animals.

To help the animals in need, Snehaís Care and Animal Nepal have decided to reach in the affected area along with the experienced technical teams. The need is exceptionally dire. The region's harsh, cold conditions only emphasize the urgency of our mission. We firmly believe that creating temporary shelters for these animals isn't just essential; it's a lifeline.


Please read about all the UPDATES HERE.

Unlike many small villages in India in Sarnath (just north of our project for Varanasi's animals) you will NOT see run over puppies, dogs with terrible mange, children fearful of rabies. That is because rescues go on also year round and education camps for childrenin the schools and on the street too! Something you see with our ABC camp that you rarely see other places, is that many of the dogs do not have to be caught with nets. They know and trust the people who now care for them since the number of village dogs is no longer too great.

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