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A Lifetime of Love: Rescue is Not a One-Time Event

From Catskill Animal Sanctuary
October 2023

The initial rescue of a needy animal is a moment of triumph and hope for all of us. However, though the headlines disappear, rescue is not a one-time event.

rescued Calf

At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we’ve learned a thing or two in 22 years of rescuing farm animals from the horrors of animal hoarding, backyard butchers, abandonment, and industry, and in recognition of World Farm Animals Day.

If you’ve followed our journey, you’ve heard us say that rescuing farm animals is the easy part of our work. After all, wanting all animals to know the same love and care that we offer our dogs and cats is why we’re here. It was the very foundation on which we were built back in 2001, when we rescued Dino, an elderly Shetland pony, the sole survivor of an arson at Brooklyn’s Bergen Beach Stables. Since that first rescue, thousands have come down our driveway to experience what love feels like, many for the first time in their lives.

Rescuing animals is also what generates interest from sanctuary supporters: you cheer us on when we announce new rescues, you share our social media posts, and you give generously to the effort.\'

The initial rescue of a farmed animal–that life-affirming moment when we get to say, “You’re safe now” is just the beginning of a life journey that includes:

  • physical rehabilitation
  • emotional healing
  • adjustment to a new environment



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