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2023 Investigation Manual: How to Expose Animal Abuse

From DxE Direct Action Everywhere
November 2023

investigation manual

Do you want to learn about how grassroots investigators are exposing factory farms, slaughterhouses, and other places that abuse animals?

DxE has just published an in-depth Investigation Manual that breaks down the best practices for executing investigations and exposing animal cruelty. It was written and reviewed by experienced investigators who have hundreds of hours of experience in the field.

The 150-page manual covers topics including:

  • Vetting your team
  • Security culture
  • Cybersecurity
  • Identifying different kinds of facilities from satellite imagery
  • Biosecurity protocols
  • Equipment checklists
  • Detailed instructions for various roles in the field
  • Press pitching
  • And much more

Download DxEs Investigation Manual: How to Expose Animal Abuse


NOTE: DxE is sharing this manual for informational purposes only. Certain investigative measures pose legal risks that vary from state to state. The manual does not give individualized advice. For specific legal advice, consult your own lawyers before taking steps that may be unlawful.

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