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Mark Hawthorne, the Vegan Author With a Soft Spot for Rabbits

April 2022

Around 2007, a publisher in England approached Mark and asked if he would like to do a book about animal rights. They said that they had never done any animal rights books but they’d like to do one, and they were familiar with my writing. Result? Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism.

Mark Hawthorne

Mark: In 1990, when I quit my job, I gave away most of my belongings, I packed a backpack, and I moved to Europe. And I was somebody who grew up as an omnivore. I was raised to eat animals, at least once a day. And at the same time, I thought of myself as a compassionate person.

But these travels really changed me. They really helped to formulate who I am. I had a friend who lived in Germany and he said, why don’t you stay with me until you figure out where you want to go, where you want to live. So, I said, ‘that’s great’, and I ended up living in Frankfurt.


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