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Animal Rights/Vegan Activists' Strategies

Meat is Murder

From Jenny Moxham
April 18, 2024

Letter as published in the Irish Daily Mail:

Today, as I drove home, I passed a truckload of slaughter-bound cattle. Knowing the painful deaths they were soon to endure, my heart ached for them.

Why is it that when innocent members of other species are brutally and needlessly murdered, the majority of us seemingly turn a blind eye to it?

Each year here in Australia, 600million life-loving sentient beings are brutally killed for nothing but taste-bud pleasure. As a vegan of 45 years I can assure you no cruelty to animals is justified.

Please open your eyes, and hearts, and switch to a healthy and humane plant-based diet.

Jenny Moxham
Victoria, Australia 

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