Persons - Spring 2021 Newsletter
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FROM David Cantor, RAP Responsible Policies for Animals
June 2021

A comprehensive definition of animal abuse is everything human beings do to and with other animals and their natural homes and ecosystems. All such doings are unnatural, foisting on nonhuman animals experiences and conditions that cause them to suffer, to die prematurely, to lose their natu¬ral families, ecosystems, and lifeways, and to lead unfulfilling lives.

Fall 2021, PERSONS Newsletter (PDF)

Persons newsletter

Here is the Fall 2021 issue of Persons, the Newsletter of Responsible Policies for Animals.

I wish you a very happy New Year. I appreciate your interest in Responsible Policies for Animals’ endeavors to establish justice and equal rights for all animals, including human beings.

RPA’s plea for an altogether new animal-advocacy strategy, per the attached new issue of Persons responds to continuing growth of atrocity industries – meat, dairy, fish, eggs, fur, biomedical experimentation – and steady increase in animal abuse generally, for discernible reasons.

If you might wish to support RPA in its long-term efforts implementing the needed new strategy and urging other organizations and advocates to, it is easy to donate via Paypal by visting our website HERE.

If you made your original membership donation long ago, I am glad to send you a NEW new-member pack: RPA’s brochures and bumper-sticker are all new since RPA began its work nearly two decades ago.

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