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The power of advocacy

From Reality Checks With Staci-Lee Sherwood
October 2022

The world has many problems. There isnít any group of people that isnít negatively impacted by at least some of them. Think about what worries you, think how you might want to help, find a group fighting to change things. Let the power of advocacy work its magic.

advocating for change

The world today is a mess, perhaps this is the one universal sentiment we can all agree on. Many people want to change what they see as inhumane, misguided or wasteful policies. Those are advocates looking to change the world. Itís a daunting task to attempt to shift public opinion, especially long held beliefs. Amidst the daily borage of sad, disgusting and dangerous news there are a few bright spots that give hope. Perhaps humanity is not entirely lost as long as some good things move us as a species toward a more enlightened and compassionate way of thinking and acting.

Here are a few examples of how advocacy did manage to shift public opinion and action. While they may seem small they all took decades to achieve with relentless persistence by people who refused to throw in the towel. All these shining examples are wins, but still show how much more we need to do.


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