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Veterinary Student Farmed Animal Empathy, Slaughterhouse Tour and Community Impacts Field Trip

March 2024

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Our Honor plans to make this a regular field trip for veterinary students. First students visit animals at a farmed animal sanctuary and learn about sanctuary medicine, and then visit the slaughterhouse to see how animals are killed everyday and discuss the animal welfare impacts and psychological and physical impacts slaughter workers face.

If animals are able to be rescued with consent of the owner, they would learn how to obtain diagnostic samples for their pre-sanctuary transfer. Then they will tour the local community, talk to community members and find animals in need of care, and assist with their examinations and transfer to local rescue organizations.

Would you like to help us make this program a reality? Please reach out to [email protected] to volunteer, and donate to support this program today! Donations are also accepted via Venmo @ourhonor.

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