Fruit Smoothie with Peaches and Bananas

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Fruit Smoothie with Peaches and Bananas


Since peach and banana sizes vary, and the volume of the fruit  become less when it is pureed, we use the measuring lines on the blender container to determine quantities.

4 cups Peaches
2 cups Bananas
4 tbsp. Flax Seed
1-1/2 cups Ice
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Wash the peaches and remove the pits, and place the peach pieces in the blender container (about 2/3 full).

Peel the bananas and place the fruit in the blender container (this should bring the container volume to nearly full).

Add the flax seeds.

Cover the blender and run at high speed, adding the ice from the opening in the top of the cover. Use the tamper rod as necessary. When the contents are creamy smooth, turn off the blender and serve immediately.


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