Lettuce Wrap with Tex-Mex Beans

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Lettuce Wrap with Tex-Mex Beans


Romaine Lettuce, leaves
Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex Style
OR any other Tex-Mex beans
(To enlarge the photo of the lettuce wrap with Tex-Mex beans, click on the photo or link)


We begin by making the Tex-Mex beans, or using leftovers that we have in the refrigerator.

Wash the romaine lettuce and select whole leaves without holes, and let drawn. Use the remaining lettuce in a tossed salad.

Place the lettuce leaves on a plate and spoon in the Tex-Mex beans as shown in the photo.

When eating, we hold the stuffed lettuce leaves from the stem end in one hand, and support the other end in the other hand. We then roll the open sides of the lettuce leaf over the Tex-Mex beans, and eat from the top of the leaf.

We also like to have a snack of the leftovers that we have stored in the refrigerator.


Ingredients Information

Lettuce, Romaine

Pinto Beans - Tex-Mex Style

Utensils and Equipment Information

None required, although... A loving cook does make everything taste better!