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Moo-ving people toward compassionate living

The following animal animations have been sent to us by our readers and contributors.  We present then to you with our thanks to the unknown and credited artists who design them.

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(animal animation - alligator)
Follow me and help make this a kinder and more compassionate world. Here is how some alligators are treated: Exotic Animals Skinned for Fashion.

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(animal animations - bears) 
Bears are to be enjoyed for who they are in the wild or in a sanctuary. They should not be exploited for their bile or placed on display in a zoo or in other entertainment.

(animal animations - somersaulting bear)
Help all animals enjoy the life that God created them to have.  Help end all human inflicted pain and suffering.

(animal animation - birds)

(animal animation - flying bird)  

(animal animation - angry bull)
It really makes me angry when I see and hear of all the cruelty we are forced to suffer at the hands of hard-hearted human beings. See our Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery to see what I'm talking about. To learn more, visit The Meat and Dairy Industries.

(animal animation - mom and calf)
There's no such thing as "happy cows" raised to produce meat or dairy products. See dairy factory farms. A dairy cow might tell you: "My baby was taken from me right after birth. This was profoundly upsetting to both of us. My calf was sold to become 'veal.'  For months to follow, I'm hooked up to machines that take all of the milk that nature intended for my baby, and is instead is sold to humans who have already been weaned from the mothers of their own species. When I'm no longer able to have babies to make more milk for humans, I too will be sold and made into 'ground beef.'"  

(animal animation - bull bowing)
I mourn all day long for the billions of my friends that suffer and die every year to satisfy human greed and indulgences. Please don't eat me or my friends or wear things made from our body parts or use me for "entertainment" like bullfighting.

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(animal animation - bunnies)
How adorable and soft and cuddly and gentle. Unfortunately those qualities make them easy to handle in laboratories and easy to breed and raise for their fur and flesh.

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(animal animation - butterflies)
The love and compassion we show to God's little folk reflect the way we feel about the whole of creation.  See our nature study photos of God's Little Folk

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(animal animations - cat in a chair (1 and 2)
Cats are used often for experimentation. Fortunately one lab was closed after Brutality at Product-Testing Laboratory was exposed. The rescued cats have been placed in new, happy homes! To Learn more about taking care of dogs and cats, visit Companion Animal Care.
(animal animation - cat and dog)
Both dogs and cats are raised in factory farms in some countries to be food for humans, just like the cows, pigs and chickens raised in the U.S. And many cats are bred and raised for their fur that people around the world buy, often thinking it is "fake." To Learn more about taking care of dogs and cats, visit Companion Animal Care.

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(animal animations - cat in hammock - cat lounging - cat sleeping)
Please always adopt a companion cat and NEVER BUY any animal.

(animal animation - cat run)
Please adopt a companion cat from a pound, shelter, or rescue organization.  Millions of unadopted cats and kittens are killed each year because they are not wanted.

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(animal animation - cat walking, and cat licking)

(animal animation - cat kneading)
Becca, 'the queen kitty' comments on what is known as kneading... "This is an exceptionally complimentary action because itís something we do with our birth mothers and itís very comforting to us. Some of us enjoy it so much that we just donít give it up."

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(animal animations - cat waving, cat yawning, cat rolling ball, and cat dancing)

(animal animation - cat playing in the litter box)
This animal animation was created by Glenda Moore, CatStuff

(animal animation - cat and the automatic toilet)

(animal animation - cat wake up call)
A real wake up call is needed by humans to the plight of millions of cats who suffer and die every year.  Spay and neuter your companion cats to keep the population down.  Adopt from rescue organizations.  Do not buy from pet shops or breeders.  Also please visit our Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery.

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(animal animations - cat and string ball - cat cleaning - cat drinking - cat in the basket - cat blinking - cat tumbling - cat-in-the-pocket)

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(animal animation - kittens and ball)
This animal animation was created by Glenda Moore, CatStuff

(animal animation - cheetah)

(animal animation - chicken walking)
In today's world, it is extremely rare for a chicken to be able to walk freely as this caricature depicts.  Approximately 9 billion farmed chickens are brutally raised and killed each year in the United States. Put an end to this cruelty. Stop eating eggs and chickens and turkeys and geese and doves and quails and...Birds!.

(animal animation - chick hatching)
Male chicks are of no use to the "egg industry" so within a day of hatching, they are killed.

(animal animation - cow, brown) 
We're sure that this isn't the correct name for this bovine breed, but it serves the purpose for this series.  We remember seeing cows that looked very much like this on the mountain slopes in Switzerland.  Such a natural state of farming is long gone on today's factory farms where cows stand for long hours on concrete and rarely go out to pasture.  The pain and suffering these gentle animals suffer is the main reason that we stopped eating dairy products.

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(animal animation - cow, Holstein)
The plight of factory farmed animals in the dairy industry is horrific.  In order to produce milk a cow must be kept pregnant.  Her babies are taken away from her after only two or three days.  The male calves are usually turned into veal by being isolated in small crates and denying them proper nutrition.  Put an end to this cruelty. Be a person of compassion.  Stop eating dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.).

(animal animation - cows hugging)
The dairy industry would like us to believe that all their cows are as happy and contented as these cows, but our investigations have proven to us that nothing is further from the truth. See our Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery

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(animal animation - cow mooing and sad)  God created us to be your loving companions.  Don't treat my friends and me as property and commodities.  See our Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery

(animal animation - deer)

(animal animation - dog bounding)

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(animal animations - dogs blinking, eating, etc.)
Please adopt our friends and don't buy "pets".  Also please help prevent the pain and suffering that so many of our friends endure day after day.  To see the reality visit The Dog, an Animal Exploitation Photo Journal.
The nodding, walking, and scratching dogs were submitted by

(animal animation - dog chasing cat)
When a person buys a "pet" they acquire property.  When a person adopts a companion animal they gain a member of the family.

(animal animation - German shepherd walking)

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(animal animation - dog looking - dog nodding - puppy looking - dog with Frisbee) 

(animal animation - a dog's reflection)
Anyone who has had a companion animal knows that they have emotional feeling just as we do.  They enjoy life just as we do, and should be members of our family.

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(animal animations - dog series)
Please adopt a companion dog from a pound, shelter, or rescue organization.  Millions of unadopted dogs and puppies are killed each year because they are not wanted.

(animal animations - dog screen cleaner)

(animal animation - dog reading)

(animal animation - dog runs)

(animal animation - puppy walking)

(animal animation - Dalmatian running)
Where I live I can run for joy, but millions of my friends are being put to death each year because no one has adopted them.  Please help save their lives by adopting a companion, instead of buying a pet.

(animal animation - puppy running)

(animal animation - dog sniffing)
Please help sniff out the atrocities that are happening to friends of mine. See The Dog, an Animal Exploitation Photo Journal.

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(animal animation - dog wagging)
Please adopt a companion dog and don't purchase one from a pet store or breeder.

(animal animation - dolphin jumping)

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(animal animation - dolphin)  Dolphin should be allowed to live free in the wild and not put on display for human entertainment.
To learn some of what happens to dolphins, visit Save Japan Dolphins.

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(animal animation - dove) Doves are symbols of peace.  They should not be objects to be blown to pieces by cowardly hunters.
To help stop dove and pigeon "hunting," visit Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK)

(animal animation - ducks)
This animal animation depicts the natural state of ducks.  Compare this to the horrors of producing Foie Gras.

(animal animation - dragon)
Even though the dragon is a mythical creature, this cute animation is a reminder that all animals have feelings and personalities, just as we humans do.

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(animal animation - fish)
We feel pain just like you do.  Please don't catch and eat us. Please visit Fish As Food to learn LOTS of ways to save fish all over the world.

(animal animation - frog)

Frogs provide LIFE for ecosystems all over the globe. Thousands of species of frogs are disappearing because of habitat destruction, capture for dissection classes, killed to be learn more, visit Save The Frogs.

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(animal animations - goats)

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(animal animations - hamsters) 

(animal animation - gorilla) 

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(animal animations - horses)

Please watch Mustang Conspiracy for an in-depth look at the roundup of wild horses from OUR public lands. And visit our image gallery to see some of the ways humans hurt horses.

(animal animation - lion) 

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(animal animations - monkey nodding)
This monkey is nodding, yes, in thanks for all of us who work to stop the torture of monkeys and other animals in laboratories. The others are hopping, jumping, and swinging in agreement. Visit Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) to learn about how many primates are abused in labs.

(animal animation - monkey running)
Go look at the link above, and see how people exploit my friends.

(animal animation - three mice)
Since we live in the country, we often get mice in our home, but never would think of killing them.  We have a live trap and when we catch a mouse, we let them go free outside. Usually they are quite tame, too. Take a look at one of the photos we took of a mouse in a tree.
Visit Mice and Rats to learn about the brutalities inflicted on rats and mice in laboratories in cruel experiments that waste valuable taxpayer dollars and produce NO results that benefit the health of humans beings.

(animal animation - mouse runs)
This animal animation was created by Glenda Moore, CatStuff

(animal animation - orca family)
Learn more about how to save orcas and other whales and dolphin by visiting Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

(animal animation - owl) 

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(animal animation - pigs)
The days of the happy looking pig feeding from a trough at Ol' McDonald's Farm are long gone.  Today, pigs are farmed in factories where they rarely see the light of day and are crammed into very tight crates, cages and pens.  Stop this cruelty. Stop eating and wearing animal products. To learn more, visit The Meat and Dairy Industries.

(animal animation - flying pigs)
Pigs don't really fly, but if they did, they would try to fly away from the cruelty humans have inflicted upon them.  Each of us can help end this cruelty by not eating pigs (pork, bacon, sausage, lard, etc.). To learn more, visit The Meat and Dairy Industries.

(animal animations - polar bears)

(animal animation - prairie dog)
As cattle ranching consumes more and more of our public lands, prairie dogs are being poisoned, shot and burned alive.

(animal animation - puma running)

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(animal animation - rabbit dancing, in grass, and in hole)
Not all rabbits "dance for joy" or enjoy life as God intended, for they suffer and die in testing and research facilities all over the world.  Please buy only those products that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals. To see the reality, go to The Rabbit.

(animal animation - raccoon)
We really CAN live alongside wild animals; we just need to respect their needs and consider their well-being.

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(animal animations - sheep)
Please watch Wool Industry Exposed and Live Animal Exports to see some of the horrors sheep endure to provide "wool" and "lamb chops"...

(animal animation - snail)
So often in our efforts to make this a kinder and more gentle world, we get the feeling that things are moving at a snail's pace.  Don't get discouraged.  Our efforts are becoming more and more effective, and the suffering people and animals of this world appreciate our efforts.

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(animal animations - spiders)

(animal animation - tiger)

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(animal animation - turkey protest - turkey dancing)
Millions of turkeys are slaughtered every year because people think of these wonderful beings as "holiday musts." Learn about The Turkey.

(animal animation - turkey "save")

(animal animation - turkey "veggie")

(Animal animation - wolf running)
The wolf is a wild animal that deserves to run free in whatever natural habitat remains. Their range will spread naturally if left alone. Human intervention with relocation and reintroduction is costly and all too often ends in death from poachers and ranchers. If you eat beef, you might be supporting the killing of wolves.

Flower Animations

(flower animation - rose)
The blooming and beauty of a flower is an example of the love that God put into the whole of His creation.  Cherish it!  See our photos of the Wild Flowers of Sleepy Hollow Lake.

Veggie Animations

(veggie animation - carrot)
Watch some of our videos about the wonders of Vegan Health!

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(veggie animations - potatoes)
When you eat us, we don't feel pain like our animal friends do.  Please don't eat animals or their by-products.  Eat the plant foods that God has so graciously created for you to enjoy.

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(veggie animation - salad)
Go Vegan!

Expressive Characters

(hearts animation)

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(smiley face animations - speak out, sing forth, and smile)

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(smiley face animations - cool, jumping for joy, and thanx)

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(and not smiley face animations)

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(thumbs-up and finger pointing down animations)